Aici aveti la dispozitie 515 trimiteri catre pagini audio si scheme.

  1. Analog Music Zone Guitar Effects Schematics - efecte pentru chitara, compresoare, efecte de microfoane
  2. Andrea's projects - circuite si documentatie
  3. Audio Designs Guide
  4. Audio Electronic Design - circuit hi-fi in limba Franceza
  5. Audio Electronics Page - apmplificatoare, preamplificatoare, surse de alimentare
  6. ESP A- from ESP Audi Foarte multe proiecte audio
  7. Pro Audio Equipment Schematics Page - Alan Garren's excellent listing of vintage gear schematics including API, UREI, Altec, RCA and more
  8. The Do-It-Yourself Audio Corner - cum sa-ti faci boxe
  9. 10 Watt IC Power Amp - realizat cu TDA2030
  10. 20 Watt IC Power Amp - bazat pe LM1875
  11. 1.5V AF Amplifier - un amplificator foarte micut alimentat de la o baterie de 1,5v
  12. 22 Watt Audio Amplifier - amplificator stereo foarte simplu realizat cu TDA1554
  13. 2 Watt Amplifier -amplificator cu distorsiuni foarte reduse realizat cu componente discrete
  14. 8 Watt Audio Amp - bazat pe LM383
  15. A HIFI class D audio power amplifier - The purpose of this site is to share a pulse-width modulating class D audio power amplifier design with the world, in order to involve people that have an interest in this kind of technology. This is in effect an "open source project", i.e. the design is open and free, and those that have the interest and ability, are encouraged to feed back back into the project.
  16. Cheap 10 W amp - based on TDA2003 IC
  17. Cheap thingies to help you make some racket - small amplifier circuits using many amplifier ICs, from few watts to 200W
  18. DIY Class-A Audio Amp - Proiect cu amplificator de 15W in casa A
  19. Emitter-follower-power-amplifier - amplificator de foarte mica putere si foarte simplu
  20. Hiraga Le Classe A 20W
  21. Hybrid Amplifier "Surt" - amplificator cu tuburi in calasa A
  22. Lidström Improved ZEN i - Amplificator in calasa a cu FET
  23. Low distortion audio amplifier - amplificator de 30w cu distorsiuni foarte reduse
  24. Low Power Audio Amplifier - facut cu LM386
  25. New Audio Amplifiers with Current Amplifier Outputs - principiul de functionare a unui amp de 10W , other designs up to 75W
  26. Power amplifier has transient rail-to-rail swing - special common-drain MOSFET-based power op amp circuit
  27. anken Hybrid Audio Power Amplifier Data - technical data and application circuits for 10-50W amplifiers
  28. Simple Class A Amplifiers - a 10W design by J. L. Linsley Hood
  29. The 2-Channel Power Amplifier: Design and Testing - 4W amplifier based on NTE 1606
  30. The Pass Zen Amplifier - 10 Watts of Single-Stage Single-Ended Class A
  31. Zen Revisited poweramp - 10 Watts of Single-Stage Single-Ended Class A solid-state amplifier
  32. 100W RMS Amplifier
  33. 100 W Amplifier
  34. 120 Watt Vertärker - Amplificator de putere 120W
  35. 200 Watt Lateral Mosfet Amplifier - general purpose symmetrical MOSFET design for power between 50 Watts to 200 Watts into 8 Ohms
  36. 50 Watt Amplifier - amplificator usor de construit de 50 wati
  37. 60 Watt Into 8 Ohms Power Amplifier - a simple amp to build, uses commonly available parts and is stable and reliable
  38. 75W Power Amplifier - AKSA is a highly refined push pull solid state stereo amplifier of 75W per channel
  39. Ampli MOSFET - DIY high power MOSFET amplifier 200 Wrms 8 ohms - 350 Wrms 4 ohms
  40. Cheap thingies to help you make some racket - small amplifier circuits using many amplifier ICs, from few watts to 200W
  41. El-Cheapo - Amplificator foarte simplu de 60W
  42. N-Channel Power MOS- quasi complementary HEXFET N - Channel Power Amplifier that gives 260 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms and over 400 Watt RMS into 4 Ohms, check also N-Channel Amplif
  43. New Audio Amplifiers - many amplifier and accessory circuits
  44. New Audio Amplifiers with Current Amplifier Outputs - basic 10W design, other designs up to 75W
  45. P400 hi-fi high end audio power amplifier - amplifier with 382W to 8 ohms power rating, can drive speakers at 2-16 ohms range
  46. Pass Laboratories DIY Projects - mai multe proiecte de amplificatoare
  47. Power amplifier subcircuit hoy the UHER CV-140 amplifier
  48. SDS Labs Schematics - solid state class A amplifiers
  49. Single Chip 50 Watt / 8 Ohm Power Amplifier - uses LM3876 hifi amplifier IC from National Semiconductor
  50. Single Ended MOSFET Po- uses HEXFET "mosfet" transistors and develops over 50 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms, check also Suitable PSU for the SE Two Stage Power MOSFET Am
  51. Symmetrical Output Amplifier - FET amplifier with power rating of 230 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms Per Channel and 400 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms Per Channel, first published in Silicon Chip Magazine in June 1994
  52. The Leach Amp - 120W power amplifier, latest update of the "Low TIM Amplifier", claimed to be a very good sounding design
  53. The Leach SuperAmp - 270 watt Double Barreled Amplifier published in Audio magazine
  54. The LM12 - chip which can be uased ot make simple 80W amplifier
  55. Professional has full circuit diagrams of some of their PA amplifiers in their technical pages, power ratings from 2x80W to
  56. service manuals and circuit diagrams of some of their amplifiers
  57. Renkus-Heinz Schematics
  58. 20 Watt Power Amplifier - designed to be used as car amplifier
  59. Car amplifier information and schematics
  60. Car Amplifier Schematic
  61. Car Audio Schematics - car amplifiers
  62. Car tube pre amplifier
  63. Do It Yourself - This article is for those who wants to make their own car amplifier. The basics of calculation will be discussed below. If you have understand it you will be able to make car amplifier based on article by Mr. T. Gi
  64. Bridging Adaptor For Power Amplifiers
  65. DIY Massive Heatsink Case - suitable for high power amplifier or class A power amplifier
  66. Loudspeaker Protection and Muting
  67. Loudspeaker Protection circuit - DC protection circuit
  68. Power Follower with Dinamic Current Source by Reinhard Haffmann - less wasted power than true class A but not as good sound
  69. Power Amplifier Clipping Indicator
  70. Speaker protector
  71. A DIY Headphone-Amplifier with Natu- check also An Enhanced-Bass Natural Crossfeed
  72. An Acoustic Simulator for Headphone Amplifiers - a simple RC filter that creates a more realistic sound image in headphones by electronically mimicking spatial hearing with "shaded" interchannel crossfeed
  73. Build These Noise-Canceling Headphones - plus Binaural Microphone Headset, Audio Probe, and Parabolic Microphone
  74. Designing an Opamp Headphone Amplifier - mai multe exemple de amplificatoare
  75. HeadBanger Headphone Amp Construction Kit
  76. Headphone Amplifier - designed for Sega Megadrive, but can be used with other line level signal sources, Originally published in ETI, December 1994
  77. Headphone Amplifier from SDS Labs - uses a push-pull Class A MOSFET output stage, being driven by an op-amp
  78. HeadWize Projects - many headphone amplifiers and related circuit
  79. Kumisa Mk. II - DIY headphone amplifier project using AD844 and some special transistors
  80. SDS Labs Headphone Amp - solid state amplifier
  81. Stereo - takes input from one audio power amplifier and drives many headphones vith adjustable audio level, available as a kit from
  82. Top-Level OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier
  83. HJ-4P Professional headphone distribution box - drives up to 4 headphones from a single amplifier, has volume control and mono switch, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  84. HJ-6 Standard headphone distribution box - drives up to 6 headphones from a single amplifier, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  85. 100W Guitar Amplifier
  86. Cool Schematics - solid state and tube guitar amplifier circuits
  87. ALL-FET MC- phono preamp with 54 and 64 dB gain and RIAA accuracy is better than 0.2dB, from Borbel
  88. A Pocket Headphone Amplifie - portable headphone amplifier for testing purposes using Burr-Brown OPA132 opamp in a non-inverting configuration, powered with 9V battery
  89. Audio Preamp - simple preamp for electric guitar or microphone
  90. Bride of Zen preamp - a very simple line-level preamplifier which contains just one medium-power MOSfet per channel
  91. Fender Pre-amp with Horizonal Tube Mounting
  92. Hi-Fi Preamplifier
  93. High quality preamp (STUDER)
  94. Hiraga MC -Moving Coil förstärkare
  95. IC Phono Stage Design
  96. Kaneda Linjeförsteg - includes phono and line inputs
  97. Mic-Pre Pan Pot Circuit
  98. Simple Car Preamplifier and Artificial Earth
  99. Simple Guitar Preamplifier
  100. Power Amplifier Design Guidelines
  101. Cool Audio - application notes on PWM amplifiers
  102. LM12CL - very compact IC for making good quality 80W audio amplifier, this IC has been used in some high quality active loudspakers
  103. 25L6 Amp - design without a power transformer
  104. A hybrid amplifier using a 5687 tube and Magnatec PowerMosFets
  105. Ampage - tube amps and music electronics
  106. Aren's Attic Tube amplifiers - 1626 SE amplifier, ECL86 SE amplifier and tube links
  107. Bob's Music/Vacuum Tube Audio / Electronics page - many amplifier circuits
  108. Build a tube amplifier - articles from HiFi magazine (in Finnish)
  109. Car tube pre amplifier
  110. Dynaco Mark 3
  111. Dynaco stereo 70
  112. Experimental SE Pre-Amplifier - single-ended tube preamplifier
  113. Klassiskt 300B slutsteg
  114. Klaus Schiffer's audio web site - tube amplifiers and tube information
  115. KTA/KSA High End Tube Audio - many tybe amplifier projects
  116. Les projets en cours - tube amplifiers
  117. Musical Instrument Tube Amp Building, Maintaining and Modifying FAQ
  118. Pure A class - 15W pure A class and push-pull
  119. SDS Labs Schematics - solid state class A amplifiers, headphone amplifier, vacuum tube amps
  120. Sheldon's Audio Designs - audio DACs and tube amplifiers
  121. Soft start for power tubes
  122. The Preamplifier - tube amplifier that features relay input selector, µ-follower linestage, balanced RIAA amplifier, DC heater supplies, and shunt regulator for the RIAA power
  123. Tube Guitar Amp
  124. Tube Buffer for CD Player
  125. Tube Line-Stage Design - pdf file
  126. Tube Microphone Preamplifiers V72 (Telefunken/Siemens/Maihak/TAB) - information about the amplifier and the schematic
  127. Vintage Quad equipment circuit diagrams
  128. Quad 22 - circuit diagram of commercial tube amplifier
  129. Zero Feedback Stereo Pre-Amplifier with Balanced & Unbalanced Inputs and Outputs
  130. Phantom Power Supply Circuit - A power supply for adding 48 volt phantom power to microphone preamps
  131. Regulated 12 Volts DC Power Supply for Vacuum Tube Heaters - this 7812 based circuit circuit can be used with low-hum audio applications such as microphone preamps and for other applications that require well regulated 12 volts
  132. Regulated Vacuum Tube Power Supply - regulator de tensiune cu tuburi 250-300 VDC
  133. 3 Line Mixer -very basic circuit built around one transistor
  134. 6 Input Mixer - 3 intrari de linie si 3 intrari de microfon
  135. Active audio mixer with pan-control - This circuit is the mixing part of an audio-mixer.
  136. Advanced- good article on large audio mixer design, read also Noise & Headroom in
  137. An Automatic MicropAudio mixer for Ramsey FM10 transmitter: description, schematic also in Postscript
  138. Audio mikseri - simple three channel audio mixer, text in Finnish
  139. High Quality Sound Mixer - very ambitious and expected to be very expensive mixer project, modular design
  140. Microphone Mixer - designed for three dynamic microphones
  141. Portable 20 Watt Mixer/Amplifier - portable amplifier and mixer which will run from a standard 12V battery and liven up any outdoor event
  142. Simple 4-input mixer
  143. Simple audio mixer for two signal sources
  144. Simple audio mixer design ideas
  145. Single capacitor powers audio mixer - micropower and low-voltage op amps allow you to build high-performance analog-signal processors that require no batteries or wall transformers, this simple mixer is powered using one large capacitor such as a Supercap or Dynacap for some time
  146. Stage and Recording Mixer - full featured modular mixer design
  147. Stereo Mixer - can mix four separate audio inputs to one mono or stereo output signal
  148. A Two-Channel Noise Gate
  149. An Unbalanced Mute Circuit For Audio Mixing Channels - schema de utilizare in format PDF
  150. A New Balanced Audio Input Circuit for Maximum Common-Mode Rejection in Real World Environments - 109KB PDF file
  151. Audio Transformers - notes on using audio transformers for balanced signal interfacing
  152. Additional RFI Protection for Line Input Circuits - 8KB PDF
  153. External Isolation Transformer Box for Mackie (and other) Mixers Eliminates RFI Problems
  154. High CMRR Balanced Interface for Crystal 18 or 20 Bit A/D Converters - pdf file
  155. Internal Modification to Mic Inputs of the Mackie 1604 Mixer Eliminates RFI Problems
  156. Instrumentation or true balanced input differential amplifier
  157. JT-6110K-B at Input Stage for Crystal A to D Converters - high performance transformer balanced input stage for Crystal A/D converters, pdf file
  158. JT-11P-1 Balanced Tube Line Input Stage
  159. JT-11SSP-6M as Input Transformer for Crystal CS5367 A/D Converter - transformer balanced passive input circuit for CS5367 A/D converter, pdf file
  160. JT-16-A Improves Performance of SSM2015 Mic Preamp IC
  161. JT-16-A Improves Performance of SSM2017 Mic Preamp IC
  162. JT-MB-C in Low Noise, High Isolation Line Receiver for Low-Z Sources
  163. JP-11P-1 Input transformer improvement for electronically balanced input
  164. Jensen Transformers Application Schematics - many circuit examples with transformers
  165. JT-MB-C Isolates both Mic and Line Inputs of Inexpensive Mixer
  166. JT-MB-C Mic Input Isolation for Mackie Mixers
  167. JT-MB-C "Real" Mic Inputs & Phantom Power for Sony DAT
  168. Making Differential Probes - for sensing audio signal voltages across devices which are not ground referenced
  169. Simple differential amplifier - opamp balanced input circuit with unity gain and common mode rejection adjust
  170. Subtleties count in wide-dynamic-range anal- article on balanced input designing with some example circuit topologies, article from EDN m
  171. 12 dB Amplifier and High Current Line Driver with DC Servo
  172. 20 dB Amplifier and High Current Balanced Line Driver
  173. High Output Line Driver for Single Ended Power Supply - pdf file
  174. JT-11-BM High Level Differential IC Output Stage with DC Servo
  175. JT-11-BM High Level High Current Differential Output Stage with DC Servo
  176. JT-123-S Line Driver with Feedback Around the Transformer
  177. JT-123-BL High Level Low Impedance Differential Output Stage with DC Servo
  178. Low Noise version of High Level Output Stage in 1031 - pdf file
  179. Mixed feedback drive circuits for audio output transformers - using feedback eliminates transformer distortion and primary resistance
  180. Non-inverting amplifier - opamp circuit which provides 15 dB gain and option for balanced output
  181. Simple 0 to 24 dB Gain Amplifier and Balanced Line Driver - 18KB PDF
  182. Balancing Acts - balanced and unblanced interface circuits using tubes
  183. Balanced Line Driver & Receiver
  184. Balanced Line Inputs/Outputs for Silicon Graphics Workstations - balancing using transformers
  185. Balanced Line Technology - information article and example circuits for both input and output
  186. Bridging Line Amplifier - transformer balanced input and output with amplifier in between
  187. Transfomers for audio interfacing - discussion on using audiop transformers in equipment interconnections, read also
  188. Line-level transformers in High-End Audio
  189. Zero Feedback Stereo Pre-Amplifier with Balanced & Unbalanced Inputs and Outputs - tube circuit
  190. Grounding and shielding in balanced inputs and outputs which are transformer coupled
  191. JT-11-YZPC in Unbalanced Long Line Driver/Isolator
  192. Long Lines Driver - high current output configuration is ideal for use as a transformerless long lines driver
  193. Black Box Circuit - a 40dB pad/100:1 attenuator for running spaker output to DI-box, so if you put 100 Watts in you'll get around 275 mVolts out
  194. AV-1 Tech Sheet (Direct box,) - DI-box product datasheet which includes full circuit diagram, has line level and speaker level inputs, pdf file
  195. AV-1PV Tech Sheet - DI-box with line level and speaker level inputs, with input volume control, data sheet with circuit diagram, pdf file
  196. CB-1 Direct Box - unixersal DI-box product which works with guitar and keyboards, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  197. DB-1 Direct Box - DI-box with instrument and speaker level inputs, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  198. DB-4 Direct Box - four channel DI-box with keyboard or dum machnine inputs, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  199. Direct Injection Box for Recording & PA Systems - passive and active DI-box designs
  200. Jensen Direct Box Transformers - data sheets have example circuit diagrams
  201. JT-DB-E Standard Musical Instrument or Synthesizer "Direct Box"
  202. JT-10KB-D Isolates and Converts Speaker Drive to Line Level
  203. JT-11-FL provides Isolated Line Output from Guitar Amplifier
  204. JT-11-FL Isolates & Converts Guitar Amp Speaker Out to Line Output
  205. JT-11P-1 Conversion of Unbalanced Input to Balanced
  206. JT-DB-E Full-featured "Direct Box" Application Schematic
  207. JT-DB-E "Direct Box" for Very High Level Signals - takes high level line signal and outputs balanced microphone level signal
  208. JT-DB-E Standard Musical Instrument or Synthesizer "Direct Box"
  209. PO-26 Passi- circuit diagram of Sescom PO
  210. Direct Injection Box for Recording & PA Systems - passive and active DI-box designs
  211. Electric Crayons, Anyone? (A Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp / Direct Box Project) - published in January97 EQ Column
  212. Mike Pads and Other Small Gadgets - includes Active Direct Box circuit
  213. JT-11B-1 + "Phantom" Buffer Provide Balanced Guitar Output
  214. JT-11P-1 in 4-Way Active "Guitar Splitter" - from one guitar to up to 4 guitar amplifiers
  215. JT-10B-D Used in Line Level 2-Way Splitter/Isolator - active line level splitter circuit with input and output isolation
  216. JT-11P-1 in 2-Way Passive "Guitar Splitter" - from one guitar to two guitar amplifiers
  217. MS-2 Mic Splitter - send signal from one microphone to two mixers, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  218. MS-82P Microphone Splitter with Phantom Power Buss - 8 channel microphone splitter which can inject phantom power to microphone, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  219. PO-25 Kit 1 x 3- circuit diagram of Sescom PO
  220. Theory and Construction of Mic "Splitters" - 5 page booklet in pdf format
  221. Transformer Coupled Splitter - active amplified transformer isolated signal splitter that enables hum-free connection of one guitar to more than one amp as well as having a direct output
  222. IT-1 Inline 600/600 ohm line transformer - audio signal isolation transformer, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  223. IT-4 four channel isolation transformer unit - audio signal isolation transformer, product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  224. JT-11-DM Basic Hum Stopper Transformer isolation box - simple isolator for 600 ohm balanced audio lines
  225. JT-11P-1 Unbalanced Automotive or Consumer Application - isolation transformer box for unbalanced consumer audio line signals
  226. JT-11P-1 Conversion of Unbalanced Input to Balanced
  227. JS-11SSP-6M 150 ohm line to 600 ohm load application - isolation transformer with impednace conversion
  228. JT-11SSP-6M 600 Ohm Line Isolation Application - isolation transformer for 600 ohm balanced audio line
  229. JS-11SPP-6M 600 ohm line isolator with line termination switch - for used with long 600 ohm lines which need termination
  230. JT-11SSP-6M Universal Patchbay Isolation Application - for use with professional low impedance sources and high impedance loads
  231. Dual JT-MB-C Microphone Combining Circuit - connect two microphones to one microphone input
  232. JT-11SSP-6M Passive Stereo Matrix for M-S Mic Technique
  233. MC-2 Microphone Combiner - product datasheet with circuit diagram in pdf format
  234. Simple line mixer - mix two line level sources to one signal, includes separate volume controls for both signals, passive circuit
  235. Simple two line output combiner - convert consumer equipment stereo signal to mono or combine audio signal from two different equipments to one input
  236. Stereo to Mono Combiner for Balanced Systems
  237. Interconnection of Balanced and Unbalanced Equipment - 4 page booklet in pdf format
  238. JT-10KB-D & JT-DB-E Provide "J-Box" Consumer to Studio Interfaces - from -10dBV unbalanced to 150 ohm balanced microphone level (-45dBu) signal and from +4dBu balanced signal to -10dBV unbalanced signal
  239. JT-10KB-D & JT-6110K-B "Pro" to "Consumer" Interfaces - from +4dBu balanced output to -10dbV consumer equipment input
  240. Audio Transformer: The Ultimate Noise Killers - application note article on audio transformers
  241. Grounding and Shielding - describes basic audio transformer uses like balanced in/out and signal splitters
  242. Internal Modification to Mic Inputs of the Mackie 1604 Mixer Eliminates RFI Problems - adding transformer isolation increases common mode rejection and eliminates RF interference, pdf document
  243. Jensen Transformers Application Schematics
  244. JT-11P-1 as "Phase Splitter" with Symmetrical Outputs
  245. JT-10KB-D Isolates and Converts Speaker Drive to Line Level
  246. JT-11P-1 used as Unbalanced Polarity Inverter
  247. JT-11-DM Converts Unbalanced Output to Balanced
  248. JT-11SSP-6M Bi-directional Lo-Z Long Line Application - this circuit isolated and impedance matches under 100 ohm source to long cable line and that to over 10 kohm input
  249. JT-6110K-B Isolates "70 Volt" Line and Converts to Line Level
  250. JT-DB-E Converts Consumer Stereo Inputs to Mono Balanced Mic Output
  251. JT-MB-C Isolates both Mic and Line Inputs of Inexpensive Mixer
  252. JT-MB-C "Real" Mic Inputs & Phantom Power for Sony DAT
  253. JT-MB-C Mic Input Isolation for Mackie Mixers
  254. JT-MB-D Converts 600 Ohm Unbalanced Mic to 150 Ohm Balanced Mic Line
  255. Mixed feedback drive circuits for audio output- technical paper from Lundahl Transformers in pdf
  256. 2-wire Remot Microph- uses special amplifier module from Opa
  257. Amplified Ear - Useful to listen in faint sounds 1.5V Battery operation, includes electret microphone preamplifier which runs from 1.5V DC and can directly drive 32 Ohms impedance mini-earphones
  258. Audio preamplifier circuits - three transistor microphone preamplifiers
  259. A Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp / Direc- from January 1997 EQ Column, includes phantom power
  260. Balanced mic/line amp with TUBES - uses two 12AU7 tubes in a class-A cathode-driven input stage, followed by a class-AB1 cathode follower output stage, 6db gain, requires 90VDC and 12VDC
  261. Balanced Mic Preamp - based on SSM2017 and has option for 48V phantom power
  262. Balanced Microphone Preamp Project - simple preamplifier with phantom power
  263. Condenser microphone hookup
  264. DIY Speaker Testing Microphone Preamp
  265. Dual Phantom Power Microphone- information and full schematic of a kit available from PAiA Electronics, take also look at the circuit
  266. ECM Mic Preamplifier - low noise electret microphone preamplifier
  267. Electric Crayons, Anyone? (A Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp / Direct Box Project) - published in January97 EQ Column
  268. IC mic preamp uses Jensen Twin-Servo topology
  269. Intercom preamp - a convenient way of making an intercom is to use a loudspeaker as a microphone
  270. Jensen Transformers Application Schematics - includes many microphone preamplifier related circuits
  271. JT-13K6-C in Simple One IC Stage Mic Preamp - 15KB PDF
  272. Kondensaattorimikrofonin esivahvistin - simple preamplifier for electret microphone, text in Finnish
  273. Low Noise Balanced Microphone Preamp - very low noise, close to the theoretical minimum, high hum rejection and variable gain with a single rotary pot, similar to that used in many professional grade mixing desks
  274. Low Noise Microphone Preamplifier
  275. Mic-Pre Pan Pot Circuit
  276. Microphone preamp - very simple two transistor circuit
  277. Microphone Preamplifier by Jason M. Neal - suitable for speaker measurements
  278. Modern Microphone Preamplifiers - A paper originally published in R-E-P Magazine, contains general information but does not contain circuit diagrams
  279. Mu Stage Tube Mic Pre - microphone preamp based on a Jensen transformer and an Alan Kimmel designed "Mu-mode" gain stage
  280. PAiA Tube Mic Preamp
  281. Simple microphone preamplifier - amplificator simplu cu un tranzistor
  282. Simple Transistor Audio Preamplifier - for electret microphone
  283. Standard Microphone Preamplifier Input Circuitry - pdf file
  284. Taos Amp Solid State Mic Preamp - simple transformerless microphone preamp, includes circuit board design
  285. Vintage Neve Class A Circuit Information - Neve BA283AV Class A Preamaplifier Circuit
  286. Boundary-layer dish microphone - ideas for a directional microphone assembly
  287. Build a pair of binaural microphones
  288. Build These Noise-Canceling Headphones - plus Binaural Microphone Headset, Audio Probe, and Parabolic Microphone
  289. Computer Microphone - adapting electret microphone to soundcards with dynamic microphone inputs
  290. DAT-Heads Digest #195 - many electret microphone wiring tips
  291. DIY microphone for Sony MD R35 minidisc recorder - simple electret microphone
  292. Electret MIC Apps - an electret MIC is the best value for money omnidirectional microphone you can buy for 90% of microphone application
  293. Electret microphone connection - how to connect electret microphone
  294. Electret microphone powering circuits
  295. Homemade Binaural Mics
  296. Inductive pickup - simple device for detecting audio-frequency electromagnetic signals, such as those emanating from a loudspeaker, or it's cable
  297. Interfacing Microphones to Computer Sound Cards
  298. JT-MB-D Passive Stereo Matrix for M-S Mic Technique
  299. JT-MB-C Used to "Phantom" Power the Realistic PZM Mic
  300. Making a rugged, connectorized microphone from a Panasonic microphone capsule
  301. Radio Shack Pressure Zone Microphone (PZM) Modifications
  302. Schematics of old tube mics
  303. Speaker Microphone - allows you to use a cheap loudspeaker as a poor microphone
  304. Taos Amp Stereo Bar - how to build special microphone holder for two microphones for near coincident stereo techniques
  305. Telefunken (Neumann) U47 FET Retrofit - inlocuirea tuburilor cu tranzistoare FET
  306. Couch Drop: Momentary on/off floor switch for microphones - data sheet with circuit diagram in pdf format, includes no-pop mute function
  307. Phantom Power Supply Circuit - Here is a simple phantom power supply that uses a voltage doubler circuit so that a commonly available low voltage transformer (such as a Radio Shack 273-1366A) can be used to produce 48 to 52 Volts DC.
  308. Hi-Fi Preamplifier
  309. Phono Preamp - realizat cu tuburi
  310. Phono Preamps For All - a collection of phono preamps and equalisation circuits, one of which is sure to meet your requirements
  311. Preamps (phono RIAA) - 10 RIAA preamplifier schematics
  312. QSX Mark II - The extreme phono (RIAA) amplifier
  313. The ampage schematic collection - guitar and bass preamplifiers
  314. A Better Volume Control - how to create a log pot that is better than the "real" thing
  315. Add-On Stereo Channel Selector - electronic switcher for 4 stereo sound channels
  316. CMOS IC makes low-cost digital potentiometer
  317. Digitally control gain over a ±40-dB range - digitally control an amplifier's gain over a ±40-dB range gain resolution of 1.25 dB
  318. Digital stereo potentiometer - in pdf format, text in Finnish
  319. Digital Volume Control - based on DS1669 Digital Pot IC
  320. Dual-Channel Digital Volume Control - this circuit could be used for re-placing your manual volume control in a stereo amplifier
  321. Elektroninrn potentiometri - Potentiometru electronic cu push butoane, text in Finnish
  322. Inexpensive relays form digital potentiometer - build a digitally controllable isolated potentiometer which can tolerate voltages up to 60V dc
  323. Linear potentiometer implements logarithmic gain control - trimmer potentiometers are ubiquitous components and are available in a variety of packages, resolutions, and temperature stabilities but none of these potentiometers implements anything but the usual linear function of resistance vs shaft position as useful in many audio applications
  324. Single stage gives logarithmic gain steps - by placing a variable component in the positive feedback loop of an op amp, you can vary the gain of the stage logarithmically with respect to a linear resistance or conductance
  325. Tack a log taper onto a digital potentiometer - idea to convert linear digital potentiometer to a logarithmic digital potentiometer
  326. Variable-gain stage uses voltage-output DAC
  327. Voltage controlled amplifier - three different circuits
  328. Voltage Controlled Audio Panner - variable gain amplifier circuit
  329. Voltage-controlled stereo signal attenuator
  330. 10 band audio equalizer - ascii drawing of simple circuit
  331. Adjustable 60Hz Filter - to filter out any HUM that may be picked up by a noisy power supply or long wire connection
  332. "A" Weighting Filter For Audio Measurements - design based on an old Ampex circuit
  333. 3 KHz low pass filter plus audio amplifier - circuit uses a switched capacitor filter IC MF6-50 from National Semiconductor to filter signals with frequencies higher than the 3KHz needed for voice audio, pdf file
  334. Basic Active Filter Circuit Blocks
  335. Five Band Mono Graphic Equaliser - basic mono unit originally designed for improving the apparent sound quality when dubbing video
  336. A Basic Introduction to Filters - application note on active, passive and switched capacitor filters, document in PDF format
  337. Active Filters - Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz filter example circuits and equations
  338. Audio Graphic Equaliser - simple 7 band equalizer
  339. Basic gyrator design - basic building block of graphic EQ
  340. Designing A Pocket Equalizer For Headphone Listening
  341. Filters - examples of very many different filter types, good page for filter design information
  342. Have Ya Ever Been Too High?? - filter that is intended to take the harshness off some sources of sound that have an upward response tilt, go to the end of page to find this circuit
  343. applicati
  344. Multiple Feedback Bandpass Filter
  345. Musical Instrument (Expandable) Graphic Equaliser - standard equalizer plus bonus distortion unit
  346. Notch Filter
  347. Parametric And Sub-Woofer Equaliser - simple parametric equalizer circuit
  348. Tone Control Circuit - classic Baxendall tone control circuit
  349. Tone Control - based on TDA1524A tone control IC
  350. Tone controls wi- check also
  351. 24db/octave Linkwitz-Riley
  352. 3-way 4th Order Active Crossovers for Car Audio
  353. A 2nd Order All-Pass 80Hz Active Crossover
  354. Hifi 100/1 aktiivi alipäästösuodin - modified version of Hifi 100/1, only lowpass filter section, text in Finnish
  355. High Pass Filter - second order active low-pass filter with equation to calculate component values for different frequencies
  356. Low Pass Filter - second orrder active low-pass filter with equation to calculate component values for different frequencies
  357. Renkus-Heinz Schematics - includes some crossover and speaker controller schematics
  358. Schematics Of Various Tubed Crossovers
  359. Subwoofer filter - 12 dB/octave low pass filter for subwoofer, includes subsonic filter
  360. Audio Amp Output Power Limiter
  361. Audio level control device - compressor circuit based on LED and photodiode
  362. Compressor using photoresistor - very basic circuit based on LED, LDR and OPAMP
  363. Designing A Limiter For Headpho- review of diode-based limiter design, HeadWize Desig
  364. Dynamic Range Processor - this stereo unit allows the dynamic range of a signal to be increased (expansion) or decreased (compression) by a variable amount up to 3:1, based on the SSM2120 dynamic range processor IC
  365. Fast Audio Peak Limiter
  366. Q&D Compressor - A complete guitar compressor/limiter design based on SSM2165
  367. Q&D Compressor 2 - based on SSM2166
  368. Stereo Broadcast Limiter Circuit for the Ramsey FM10a/FM2- also available in Postscript
  369. Stereo Compressor
  370. Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier - a vacuum tube-type leveling amplifier (more commonly known today as a compressor) for professional audio recording and broadcasting use originally made during the mid to late 1960s
  371. Ultra Simple Bass Guitar Compressor - based on LDR connected to signal cable and lamp connected to speaker output
  372. Analog Music Zone Guitar Effects Schematics - guitar effects, compressors
  373. Digital Echo Unit - mono unit for producing special effects for amateur dramatics
  374. Distortion Effect (for guitars) - three distortion circuit ideas
  375. Distortion effect for guitars
  376. Effect Rack Unit - contains very many guitar effect unit circuit diagrams
  377. Effectronics Schematics - audio processing and effect circuits
  378. Guitar Amplifiers Overdrive & Distortion Effect Circuits
  379. Guitar Effects Boxes - guitar effect schematics and articles
  380. Guitar Effec Circuits - Wah, Fuzz and sustain circuits
  381. Guitar Fuzz Effect - very compact circuit
  382. Guitar Reverb Pedal - circuit for a guitar spring reverb pedal, it has dry, wet, and drive controls for a wide variety of sounds
  383. Guitar-related Circuits - effect circuit collection
  384. Guitar Vibrato Unit
  385. Ha- contains effect information, schematics and constructi
  386. Humbucking & Noise-Reducing Electronics for guitars
  387. Improving a guitar - information on rewiring an electric guitar
  388. MOS Doubler - clean sounding version of an octave up, uses CMOS logic
  389. Musical Instrument (Expandable) Graphic Equaliser - standard equalizer plus bonus distortion unit
  390. Not Just Another Headphone Amp - battery-powered musician's practice and monitoring amplifier for guitar
  391. Spring Reverb Unit For Guitar
  392. Stage Center Reverb Unit - simple spring reverb unit
  393. The GEO-Fex collection of vintage and new-design effects and musical related DIY
  394. The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page - FAQs and circuit diagrams
  395. Vox AC30 Guitar Amplifier Simulator
  396. CD Buddy - Karioke device
  397. How to filter out voice in music - very simple method
  398. The Truth About Vocal Eliminators - sometimes a vocal can be removed almost completely, but just as often the results are disappointing, just information without circuit diagrams
  399. Build A Stereo Synthesizer - different frequency ranges appear at the two outputs, depending on the setting of the controls and create a stereo effect
  400. Burwen audio processor documentation - dynamic noise filter and eliminator circuit diagrams
  401. Digital Potentiome- information about digitally-controlled solid-state electronic potentiometers from Dallas Semico
  402. Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit - reducator dinamic de zgomot
  403. Mixed feedback drive circuits for audio output- technical paper from Lundahl Transformers in pdf
  404. Square wave to sine wave converter circuit
  405. Stereo Width Controllers - vary the width of the "sound stage" when listening to stereo recordings
  406. Synthfool - many musical instrument and effect circuit diagrams
  407. Simple Surround Sound Decoder - three simple surround decoder circuit ideas
  408. Surround Sound Decoder MK1 - designed to extract the rear channel from Dolby-encoded film soundtracks, very simple design
  409. Surround Sound Decoder Mk2 - fully featured surround decoder
  410. The PTI SD-PL1 surround sound decoder - This circuit takes a stereo audio input from any true stereo source and outputs 4- or 5- speaker surround sound. The effect sounds ridiculously similar to Dolby ProLogic.
  411. Andrew's S/PDIF Stuff - S/PDIF converter circuits
  412. CD-ROM to MD - get toslink signal from your CD-ROM drive
  413. Cheap TOSLINK Transmitter
  414. Coax Digital Out to MD - Convert the coax signals to TTL signals for Toslink module
  415. Coax to TTL conv- check also circuit board
  416. Optical output for Creative Infra CD-ROM - little circuit to connect your MD or DAT to your CD-ROM drive with standard optical S/PDIF cable, based on TOTX173
  417. SPDIF Circuits - input and output interfacing circuits
  418. S/P-DIF I/O Using the Epoch SoundPro HT-1869V+ Card - circuits for S/PDIF to TTL interface and TTL to S/PDIF coax
  419. SPDIF RCA to (Optical + RCA) Adapter
  420. S/PDIF to TOSLINK
  421. TTL to Toslink converter circuit
  422. A SCMS k- should work with all DAT decks that have a Sony CXD2601 signal processor, published in September 1992 in "Stereoplay", also available at
  423. Copybit deleter - sets the copybit in digital audio signals to enable copying of digital recordings
  424. Audio Crafters Guild Articles & Essays - DAC building articles
  425. JT-DAC No. 3
  426. SDS Labs DAC Page
  427. CS8420 is asynchronous sample rate converter c- includes example circuits, pdf file, check also evaluation board
  428. CDplayer's Project - information to make and upgrade a CDPlayer at home
  429. CrystalClear AC'97 AMR Audio Modem Riser card reference design
  430. Digital Delay Unit For Surround Sound
  431. Passive circuit monitors AES data - you can display the data waveform on an oscilloscope easily with this circuit
  432. -30dBm to +30dBm Audi- circuit with balanced input and adjustable gain to drive needle type VU meter, uses special amplifier module from Opa
  433. Audio LED VU meter - built around discrete components
  434. Audio Millivoltmeter
  435. Audio Output Level Meter - This unit is designed for monitoring the audio output level across a loudspeaker when carrying out alignment of radios.
  436. LED Audio VU Meter - logarithmic scale with 3 dB steps, based in LM3915 IC
  437. LM3916N bar graph driver - datasheet in pdf format, drives a 10 LED bar graph with VU proportions (3dB/step)
  438. Medidor de Señal de Audio (VUmetro) - Vumeter circuit, schematic and PCB. Text in spanish.
  439. Peak Reading Audio Level Meter - indicates peak audio response on an analogue meter, similar to a tape recorder recording level meter
  440. Peak Reading Level Meter Using Indicator Tubes
  441. Sound Level Meter - one chip replacement for the standard analog meters, based on LM3915 audio level IC
  442. Stereo VU Meter - A simple, low cost stereo VU meter that uses two LM3915 dot/bar display driver ICs to drive 2 rows of 10 LEDs moving bar display, pdf file
  443. Three-Level Audio Power Indicator - Battery-operated 3 LED display that connect it to loudspeaker output
  444. Understanding Peak-Reading Meters - includes one example circuit diagram
  445. VU And PPM Audio Metering - circuits using analugue needle meters
  446. VU Meter - 5 led VU meter, in pdf format, includes circuit board, text in Finnish
  447. VU Meter Amplifier
  448. VU Stereo Meter - will indicate the volume level of the audio going to your speakers by lighting up LEDs, based on LM3915 IC
  449. Room Noise Detector - One LED monitors three levels: 50, 70 & 85 dB
  450. A-weighting filter
  451. A Weighting Filter For Audio Measurements
  452. A-B Switch Box For Amplifier Comparisons
  453. Build a Microphone Polarity Tester
  454. Building the L-R Test Set - helps you to set up left/right channel balance on audio broadcasting ystems
  455. Linkwitz Cosine Burst Generator - part of speaker measurement set described in the construction article
  456. Microphone Circuit Test Oscillator - tone generator for testing XLR microphone lines
  457. The ESP SIM (Sound Impairment Monitor) - a method of determining just how much your amplifier modifies the original signal
  458. Distortion Analyser - filters needed in distortion measutements
  459. Distortion measurement circuit
  460. Power Amplifier Clipping Indicator
  461. Pre-Distortion Techniques: Build a Tape Linearizer and a Distortion Analyzer
  462. Self Oscillating Amplifier for Distortion Testing - allows the home constructor to make quite accurate measurements, without having to spend a lot of money on a low distortion oscillator
  463. DIY Speaker Testing Microphone Preamp
  464. Measuring Input and Output Impedance - input or output impedance of any two terminal network or electronic equipment can be determined by measuring the small signal ac currents and voltages
  465. Simplified Measurement of Output Impedance - suitable for measuring audio circuits
  466. Spectrum Analyzer and Equalizer Designs - for audio frequencies, article first appeared in the February 1982 issue of Recording-engineer/producer magazine
  467. Burwen TNE7000 Transient Noise Eliminator - Schematics and Lineup Instructions
  468. Burwen DNF1201A Dynamic Noise Filter - Schematics and Lineup Instructions
  469. Laser Link Communicator - audio transmission up to few hundred meters
  470. A Better Volume Control - use linear potentiometer and one tran resistor to make almost logarithmic response curve
  471. Amplifier Thermal Protection and Shutdown Circuit
  472. Amplifier Timer - Turns-off your amplifier when idle for 15 minutes, fed by amplifier tape-output
  473. Ask the Applicat- a collection of articles from its "Analog Dialog" newsletter in pdf format from Analogue Devices, useful info for people designing aDC and DAC
  474. Audio Auto Shutoff - purpose of this circuit is to automatically turn off any device plugged into its power outlets after a certain period of time of silence
  475. Class A Amplifier Design
  476. Determining Output Transformer Impedance - When replacing the audio output transformer on a radio, the replacement should match the impedance of the original as close as possible
  477. DIY class A amplifier chassis & massive heatsink
  478. Dual +/- 15 volt power supply - suitabe for powering many opamp circuits
  479. George Krilov audio schematics page - page is about transistor audio power amplifiers, contains articles about power amplifiers shematics, design, construction and SPICE simulation, page is partially in English and partially in Russian
  480. Guitar Effects FAQ
  481. Jensen Transformers Application Schematics - many practical circuit ideas using audio transformers
  482. JT-115K-E90 "Sync" Conversion for Magna-Tech 69C Repro Amplifier - sync track tape head preamplifier
  483. Load Sensing Automatic Switch - apply power to the entire audio system by turning on one item, simple circuit
  484. Loudspeaker Protection and Muting - information and circuits
  485. Low Noise Audio Input Stage - idea for audio input stage for magnetic pickup or microphone using three transistors from Zetex, design note in pdf format
  486. Main principles of amplifier wiring - how to wire operational amplifier circuits
  487. Mixed feedback drive circuits dor audio output transformers - using feedback eliminates transformer distortion and primary resistance
  488. Mosfet Power Amplifiers - A discussion of the benefits of the lateral Mosfet output devices used in todays High Power audio amplifiers
  489. NE555 drives a speakes: Pulse Width Modulation Amplifier
  490. Philips SAA1099 Sound Generator
  491. Proper Grounding Inside Equipment Avoids Ground Noise Coupling (aka"Pin 1 Problems") - 15KB PD
  492. Pushing the Limits of Audio Power Amplifiers
  493. Removing the "DC Thump" from Audio Circuits
  494. Signal Detecting Auto Power-On Unit - switches on relay when detects sound input
  495. Sheldon's Audio Designs - audio DACs and tube amplifiers
  496. Simplest Ever Amplifier Bridging - a design for a simple add-on bridging adapter for stereo power amplifiers
  497. Simulation Electronique SPICE - some hifi circuits and simulation of them using SPICE, text in French
  498. Soft-Start Circuit For Power Amps - redusces the current spike large transformers take when switched on
  499. Subtleties count in wide-dynamic-range analog interfaces - transporting high-dynamic-range analog signals from one piece of equipment to another is not a trivial task, this article gives some help to it
  500. The ALTMANN "SPLIF" Amplifier Topology - something about how to get some of the feedback out of our HIFI amplifiers
  501. Thermo-Fan To Keep Your Amp Cool - fan controller which controls fan based on temperature
  502. Variable Amplifier Impedance - idea of being able to vary the output impedance of a power amplifier
  503. Andrea Ciuffoli Document Page
  504. "Anti-RIAA" Equalizer for Line to Mag Phono Converter
  505. Infrared Cordless Headphone -Proiect de cost redus pentru a reproduce sonorul prin infrarosii
  506. JT-11P-1 used as Unbalanced Polarity Inverter - transformator pasiv bazat pe inversor audio de curent
  507. JT-11P-1 Unbalanced Automotive or Consumer Application
  508. Model Train Diesel & Horn Sound Module
  509. Cirrus Logic Consumer & Professional Audio ICs - linkuri spre produse si documentatie
  510. Cirrus Logic CS4334/35/36/37/38/39: 8-Pin, 24-Bit, 96 kHz Stereo D/A Converters
  511. TDA1387T; Stereo Continuous Calibration DAC (CC-DAC)
  512. CS3310: Stereo Digital V- from Cirrus Logic, verifica si IC datasheet
  513. DS1267 Dual Digital Potentiometer - form Dallas Semicondictor
  514. Analog record and playback IC's - raport studentesc
  515. CS8401A/2A: Digital Audio Transmitt